The Team — New Faces — Charitable Trust India

Started by Dr.Vijay Joseph and Dr. Sarojini Joseph – Husband and Wife team


Dr Vijay Joseph Professor of Plastic Surgery

St John’s Medical College and Hospital Bangalore – for 24 years

Vijay is a founder member of New Faces Trust India. His mission is to be available to all sections of the society. He has pulled together a comprehensive team of specialist Neuro-surgeons, paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, ENT surgeons, general dentists, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists and speech therapists to provide excellent all round care that has resulted in outstanding treatment outcomes for patients who have had cranio-facial-maxillary reconstruction under his care.

Over the past 24 years his kindness to patients and sensitivity to members of his team has helped to enrol the dedication needed to complete this incredible service. He is ready for the next step to take his work forward by teaching and training young plastic surgeons.

Dr Sarojini Joseph

Professor of Orthodontics at the Rajiv Gandhi University for 21 years

Sarojini a founder member of the New Faces Trust now dedicates her time totally to the New Faces Trust. She looks after administration, documentation, treatment of patients and  continues educating the doctors of the team.

She began to work with Dr Vijay Joseph in 1989 and trained herself to deliver Orthodontic care for patients who presented with cranio-facial deformities of which 90% were cleft lip and palate patients.

Her other work involves Orthodontics for facial-maxillary fractures and co-ordinates with specialist dental practitioners for the rehabilitation for occlusions.

As a post graduate teacher of Orthodontics for 14 years Sarojini has built up a solid protocol for the foundation of concepts and treatments for patients.  As the wife of a dedicated plastic surgeon and mother of two daughters she stayed at home and quenched her thirst for clinical excellence by studying and training with visiting Orthodontic faculties from University of Connecticut, Sick Children’s Hospital of Toronto, Chang-Gung Hospital, Taiwan and Yong-Se University of Korea.

She is an invited speaker at the Indian Orthodontic National Conferences and her team have won many prizes for their presentations. The New Faces Team won the PP Jacob Award For The best paper in “AN AUDIT OF A SERVICE FOR REHABILITATION OF THE ADULT OPERATED UNI-LATERAL CLEFT LIP AND PALATE ADULT PATIENTS” by the Indian Orthodontic Society Journal in 2009.

She trains young Orthodontists and dental assistants to give specialised care and has improved their clinical acumen and attuned them to the value of team work.


Dr Mallika – Generous Host to New Faces Clinic  

Dr Mallika runs the Mallika Dental Health Centre and has generously allowed New Faces Trust to use her premises to run clinics at her practice for the past 20 years.  She has taken the social responsibility to host high quality care which takes long hours to complete and subsidises the cost of treatment of the dental work that takes place for these patients in her practice.

Her clinic is always open to patients of New Faces Charitable Trust and her administrative staff show kindness and emotional support to these patients.

Dr Sunil – Post graduate teacher of Orthodontics

Administrator of a Dental college in Kerala

As a student of Dr Sarojini Joseph he has supported the clinic for the last 15 years. He offers advanced Orthodontics for jaw surgeries to rehabilitate these patients.  He travels from Kerala to work at the follow-up cleft clinic on the first weekend of every month.


Dr Catherine Frank  – Orthodontist

Dr Catherine is an orthodontist based in Chennai who volunteers every week at the Cleft Lip and Palette Clinic for the last 5 years. She has been sponsored by New Faces Trust for training in orthodontic principals that is essential for her work at the cleft lip and palette clinic.

She is moving to Bangalore 2016 and will be positioned at the St John’s Medical College and Hospital for further training and care of patients with cranio-facial abnormalities

Dr Shalini

With gentle hands and an amazing way with children Dr Shalini has taken care of the general dental needs of the patients of the Trust for the last 14 years.  She also assists in the care of newly born babies with deformities.  With her support New Faces enables treatment to commence on these babies in 24 hours or less.



Dr Puroshotham – Prosthodontist

Dr. Puroshotham has taken the challenge to rehabilitate lost dentition and restore amazing smiles to our patients.  Generous with his time and willing to work at reduced costs he is a valued support to New Faces Trust patients.


Dr Taruna – General Dental Surgeon

Gentle and reliable and computer-savvy she has recently joined the team.  She does gentle dental work of our patients and also takes responsibility for documentation of the patients’ records.


Dr Sonal Matthew – Orthodontist

Hosted our first clinic for New faces

New Faces dental work started at the practice of Dr Sonal in 1989.  Her generosity enabled patients with cleft lip and palate to have free treatment at her practice.  At that time other than the general dental and Orthodontic work for these patients we also taught patients about the importance of washing hands, bathing and even sometimes bought clothes for the patients.  New Faces still uses this practice for a percentage of our patients.

Ms Veena – Dental Assistant

Veena is a clinical assistant at the dental practice for 23 year.  Self-trained in chair-side assistance, practice management and accounts she is also reliable, dedicated and honest and has been the backbone support for the New Faces Trust.  She has also trained many other assistants for this specialised care.


Ms Sukanya – Dental Assistant

Young and cheerful Sukanya quickly grasped the skills of chair-side assistance for patients of the New Faces Trust and her support makes it possible to deliver a high level of care to patients.