About us


Since its inception in 2008, New Faces Charitable Trust has been providing integrated care to as many individuals as possible at little or no cost. Its aim is to ensure that high quality reconstructive care must be made available to patients with facial deformities from all sections of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality reconstructive surgery and supportive care to individuals with facial deformities who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment We provide this integrated care at little or no cost to the patients and their families.

Our Founders and Trustees

Dr. Vijay Joseph

Dr. Vijay Joseph is a Plastic Surgeon and is the Head of the Department of plastic surgery at St. John’s Medical College and Hospital. As a founding member and trustee, his mission for the Trust is to provide reconstructive surgery to as many people in India as possible. Presently, he and his team at St. John’s have completed over 100 operations.

Dr. Sarojini Joseph

Dr. Sarojini Joseph was previously a Professor of Orthodontics at the undergraduate and postgraduate level at Rajiv Gandhi University. Presently, she has dedicated her time and skills to providing orthodontic care to the patients of New Faces. Apart from being a founding member and trustee, she also undertakes the day to day administration of the Trust. She is also a senior consultant at the Department of Dentistry at St. John’s Medical College and Hospital.

Jacqueline D’Souza

Mrs. Jacqueline D’souza has been a counsellor at several institutions. She currently offers counselling services at the St. John’s Medical and Nursing College. She also oversees the psychosocial rehabilitation of the patients at New Faces.